We understand that it can be daunting looking for an excellent plastic surgeon for your breast implants. Dr. Khorsandi and their staff strive to make the process informative in an effort to help you achieve the results you desire

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BALV only supports one of the highest recommended plastic surgeons in Las Vegas: Dr. Christopher Khorsandi. As a board-certified surgeons with a tremendous amount of experience, he is able to provide you with safe and state of the art care.

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The Best Breast Augmentation Surgeons in Las Vegas, NV

The right size and shape of the breast is always an added asset to a women’s figure and thus women who have small sized breasts go in for the option of breast augmentation. While there are quite a few popular cosmetic surgeons who have gained popularity in Las Vegas due to their well devised breast shaping procedures, a few may not be that renowned.

So, if you find it tricky to pick the right one, a few of these pointers might make your decision easier.

Discuss your desires and preferences

Undergoing a breast augmentation might sound very simple, but it is of high concern to those women who actually wait for the final results. As it is a long term benefit, your satisfaction plays a very significant role in the whole process. So, once you have selected your plastic surgeon, discuss with him or her, the options you have before you to give your breasts the most enhanced look. Remember, options such as a breast lift or breast reduction are available as well.

The newly enlarged breasts should look very natural and appropriate for your body size and thus the expertise of your surgeon matters a lot. So, discussing with the surgeon prior to the procedure will help in effective minimization of doubts and certainly a good surgeon will give a frank opinion to the questions asked. If you’re previously had implants placed in your breast, consider a breast implants removal.

Look for experience and certifications

A plastic surgeon holding a certificate from the board can be usually trusted upon to do a good job. The certificate also ensures that the person has previous experience of handling clients and has a maintained record of the procedures performed. This experience in turn acts as a great benefit in attaining the best results after the breast surgery.

A professional plastic surgeon also is a good listener and understands the patient’s needs and requirements before beginning the process. He or she might even show before and after photographs to instill the confidence in you and indicate to you the pros and cons of the surgery.

Practices principles of safety and quality

You might get a breast lift done for sagging breasts, to even the size of the breast or due to personal choice. But, you have to make sure that your plastic surgeon is following all the techniques which are modernized and using technology driven equipment which are safe to use. Greater the quality of the surgery less will be the effects such as scarring or pain. This will also help you in recovering soon without feeling much discomfort.

Check for customized surgery plans

Every woman is a different individual with various bodily demands and hence the plastic surgeon should pay close attention to the concerns expressed and prepare a customized breast augmentation plan. The plan should indicate the type of implant chosen, the point where incision will be done and the exact position in which you want the implant.

This unique plan will definitely give you a fuller bust line within your prescribed budgetary requirements. So always choose a surgeon who keeps your interests in mind and only then proceeds towards the surgery.

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After many years of wanting to get breast implants I finally found the place to go. I spent lots of time researching many different doctors and finally chose VIP Plastic Surgery and Dr. Khorsandi. As soon as I walked into the door I could tell the decision I made was the right one. The front desk staff, nurses, and the Doctor made me feel welcome. I primarily chose this location because of the technology they use and that I could see a picture of what I would actually look like with implants instead of just placing them in a shirt/bra. Now a few months after my surgery I love my new look and that they look just like we predicted at the first visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Khorsandi and VIP to anyone seeking any type of improvement!!!!!!

Just love Dr. Khorsandi! He is a truly skillful surgeon that takes great pride in all his work! A different doctor had totally overfilled my face and Dr. Khorsandi not only corrected the problem but made me look so much better than before! He is very kind, considerate and takes his time to listen to you. He is very enthusiastic about his trade and obviously keeps up to date with all the newest technology and procedures. All his staff are great too! You really won’t regret seeing Dr. Khorsandi and I plan on continuing to see him for routine touch-ups and maintenance. Thank you so much for helping me!!