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Breast Lift

About the Procedure

The first thing to keep in mind is a breast lift is not the same as a breast augmentation. A breast augmentation is when you want to have bigger breasts. For information about that, please visit our homepage.

Breast Lift procedures, also known as mastopexy, constitute a cosmetic breast surgery that aims to lift the breasts, sometimes involving a change in the position of the nipples and areolas. This sort of cosmetic surgery has become extremely popular at this time, particularly amongst women who are dealing with sagging breasts, which might be the result of pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding. Since

Las Vegas has probably the most expensive rates, it is necessary to make an in-depth analysis of the surgery first of all, focus on all aspects involved within it and, in the end, mention price ranges.

In the first place, breast lift procedures are performed in outpatient surgery clinics or hospitals, by individuals who are certified as cosmetic surgeons and have several years of experience.

Furthermore, women who go through such a procedure will likely receive an anesthesia, which will make the entire surgery pain- and hassle-free. In some situations, patients might only receive topical anesthesia, which is meant to numb the area and block pain at the same time. Consequently, patients will be awake, but they will not feel any pain during the procedure.

The surgeon is going to make up to three cuts in your breasts, and extra skin might be removed in order to re-position the areolas and nipples, as well. Also, women might even choose to have breast augmentation (enlargement with implants) while the breast lift procedure is performed.

Before going through the breast lift procedure, you have to first perform routine breast exams with your surgeon. In case that you are taking any drugs or medication, you have to inform your surgeon about this, to determine whether they might put you at risk. A mammogram needs to be performed in order to potentially identify any irregularities regarding the current condition of your breasts. If you are taking any medication like ibuprofen, aspirin or warfarin, it is better to stop prior to the surgery, as they might prevent your blood from clotting, which will lead to excessive bleeding once the surgery is completed and, consequently, to hemorrhage.

Make sure to ask your surgeon regarding the medication that you are still allowed to take before the breast lift Las Vegas procedure, and keep in mind that you might need to fill prescriptions for pain killers beforehand, which will enable you to ameliorate the after-surgery pain.

On the day of the surgery, you have to follow your surgeon’s instructions about not drinking or eating anything, and take the drugs he tells you to, along with a small sip of water. You will need to feel comfortable once the surgery is performed, so you should consider wearing or bringing loose clothing with you.


When the surgery is complete, you will have to wear a gauze dressing or bandage, which will be wrapped around your breasts and chest in order to offer support to your freshly-lifted breasts. In some situations, your surgeon might require you to wear a surgical bra instead, which will be worn for as long as he instructs you. Typically, patients have to wear the surgical bra or bandage for several weeks, and they are not allowed to pull it off before their surgeon tells them to. Drainage tubs might also be attached to the breasts if necessary, but they will be removed after a few days.

Schedule a follow-up visit with your surgeon after a week or two. This will allow him to examine you and check how you are healing. Stitches (sutures) will be removed if needed. Furthermore, your surgeon or a nurse will discuss various massaging techniques with you, which can contribute to the healing process very much.


As for the cost of a breast lift Las Vegas surgery, the rates vary depending on the surgeon who performs the procedure and the location where it will be done. In most cases, the price of a surgery might range from under $3000 to $7000, but there are some situations in which you might need to pay more than $8000. Note that some surgeons might charge you an earnest fee of $500 or more for the surgery. In addition, you will end up paying up to $2000 for the medication and creams you might need once the breast lift procedure is complete.