Breast Lift

Aging is inevitable and as we get older, we notice our body starts to sag, droop, and wear down. This is most common in breasts and many women even begin to experience sagging at a young age. There are a lot of things that play a part in sagging breasts, whether it’s genetics, your diet, smoking, drinking, low-lying or overly large breasts, or a mixture of everything, at the end of the day gravity time inevitably invites change. In most women, this unsettling process is expedited with every pregnancy, breast-fed baby, and weight loss experience throughout the course of their lives.Regardless of how it happened, sagging breasts have a huge impact on confidence levels. Luckily, you can take control and get it back with a mastopexy, more commonly known as a breast lift surgery.

A breast lift surgery will give you firm, natural breasts with invigorated perkiness. Not to be confused with a breast augmentation, which is an enlargement surgery, breast lifts are one of the most sought after cosmetics surgeries. If you’re ready to see how we can help you take back your confidence, call One Life at (702) 608-1318 today. We’re here to answer any questions, discuss your options, and schedule a consultation with our board certified doctor, Dr. Khorsandi.

Different Lift Techniques

When you go in to your consultation with Dr. Khorsandi, some of the things that you will discuss are the different types of lift techniques that will be used. Depending on your individual circumstances in terms of breast size, tissue tone, symmetry, and desired elevation, Dr. Khorsandi will recommend a surgical approach to get you the desired results you’re looking for.

As with all surgeries, patients need to be prepared for, and accepting of, permanent scarring. Unfortunately, there is currently no technology that will allow you to effectively lift, tone, and tighten your tissue without invasive surgery and every invasive surgery involves some scarring. Luckily, Dr. Khorsandi is well educated in the healing process and can help you minimize the appearance of your scars. With his post-opt recover plan and strategic incision placement, your scars will become more and more inconspicuous over time. Simply put, if you’re interested in getting a breast lift, don’t let this minor side effect deter you.

The confidence and self-esteem that you will get from your new body will far outweigh any insecurity about scarring. If you’re ready to feel younger, healthier and all around sexier, it’s time to schedule your consultation today. You’re only one step away from firm, youthful breasts.

Differences Between Lifting and Reduction

A lot of women don’t fully understand the process for a breast lift. This is completely expected and frankly, makes sense if you’re just beginning to consider surgery. It’s important to note, again, that a breast lift will not give you larger breasts. That can only be achieved by performing a breast augmentation. Similarly, the procedure will not give you smaller breasts. Your cup size stays the same before, during, and after surgery.

Dr. Khorsandi, an award winning plastic surgeon that specializes in breast surgery, understands that just because you want perkier breasts does not mean that you want to decrease your cup size. That’s why he works diligently to ensure all of your breast tissue is preserved during surgery. Unless you explicitly communicate that you want a breast reduction, you can rest assured that you will maintain your current cup size after surgery. The only exception to this is if Dr. Khorsandi has stated otherwise prior to surgery.

The reason that your cup size might slightly decrease (or increase) is because of the natural tissue that you may, or may not, have available during your procedure. Your cup size will also change if you want to reduce or increase your breast size during your breast lift. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss all of these details with Dr. Khorsandi.

Post surgery, and healing, it’s normal for your bra to fit a bit differently. All bras are different and your results will change the way your breasts fit in your old bras and clothes. When you get a breast lift, your breast tissue will be shaped differently and will have a higher orientation than before. The best way to combat this is to head to your favorite department store and try on some new styles.

Who Can Get a Breast Lift?

If you’re on the fence about whether to get a breast lift or not, check out a few of the most common reasons women decide to get one. If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate. Call us today to schedule your consultation. It’s the perfect way to discuss your options and make an informed decision on whether or not this surgery is right for you.

  • Any women who experiences sagging breasts after fully developing, regardless of age – if your breasts are still growing, this procedure is not for you
  • Women who experience loose skin around their breasts or have numerous stretch marks
  • Women who have lost breast volume after pregnancy and/or nursing
  • Any individual who has lost a significantly large amount of weight or who experiences frequent weight fluctuations
  • Individuals who have sagging breasts due to the gravitational forces imposed on larger breasts
  • Women who are experience asymmetry in their breasts or nipples
  • Women who are self-conscious about enlarged areolas
  • Women who experience a tubular, or pointy, shape to their breasts
  • Any woman with a low nipple orientation
  • Women with downwards oriented nipples
  • Women who want to regain a fuller breast shape
  • Women who are removing or downsizing previous breast implants
  • Any healthy individual who does not smoke and wants to reclaim their confidence, self-esteem, and youthfulness

About the Procedure

Once you’ve determined your payment plan, you’re all set for your big day. A lot of people find that knowing exactly what to expect helps reduce anxiety and increases their understanding of surgery. Here are all of the details that go into a breast lift surgery.

A breast lift surgery is an outpatient surgery that is performed under general anesthesia. This means you will need to find someone who will come to your surgery with you and safely drive you home. It’s also a good idea to have someone you trust around for a few days to help with any tasks you may be unable to do.

In a periareolar breast lift, Dr. Khorsandi focuses on tightening only the skin around the nipple. This type of procedure is beneficial to women with low nipple position, women who have tubular breasts, and women with enlarged areolas. It works less on lifting your breasts up and more on correcting the aesthetics of your breast. Please be advised that this type of procedure does leave a larger scar that is difficult to avoid.

The procedure begins with a small incision around each nipple’s areola. This is done in surgeries for size reduction and to ensure symmetry and correct proportions on your breast mound. Next, any loose skin is removed, tightened and your incision is closed. If you want a reduction, this is the time when Dr. Khorsandi will remove the breast tissue to get to your desired size. It is the time that breast implants will be inserted if you want to increase your breast size. If you would like to keep your current size, there are opportunities for tucking-in the excess skin rather than complete resection. All of these differences will be discussed with Dr. Khorsandi during your consultation but aid in the process of achieving tight, uniformly lifted breasts.

Depending on your pre-discussed goals and techniques, Dr. Khorsandi will continue to the next stage of surgery. Regardless of the technique, each surgery is performed so that minimal scarring occurs, but remember, it does occur. At this time there is simply no way to achieve the results of a breast lift without any permanent scarring. While the incisions for a mastopexy are made in inconspicuous areas (along breast contours, nipples and the lower half of your breast) they will still be visible. Over time, and with correct post-op care, your scars will heal and fade.

A vertical mastopexy is ideal for women who have moderately sized breasts and are looking to combat the effects of slight to moderate sagging. If your sagging is more extreme, you will likely receive a full mastopexy. In addition to more sagging, women who get a full mastopexy often need an increased amount of skin and tissue tightening in their breasts to create a fully lifted result.

Goals of Lifting the Breast

While everybody is different, most of the goals of getting a breast lift are the same. They offer long-lasting results that will restore your confidence and have you feeling like your best self in no time. In addition, almost all of our patients come in with one, or many, of these goals:

  • Effectively lift and raise the breast and nipple
  • Tighten the skin around the breast region and achieve a more contoured breast
  • Return the youthful appearance to breasts
  • Achieve a more symmetrical breast appearance and volume
  • Improve the symmetry of nipple position
  • Increase the fullness of breasts
  • Achieve superior breast cleavage
  • Correct nipple size and/or appearance
  • Centralize the location of nipples and areolas on your breast
  • Increase comfort levels and improve appearance in clothes
  • Feel confident in sexy lingerie
  • Achieve your goals in breast size, shape, and appearance

The Cost of a Breast Lift

The first step towards your new look is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Khorsandi. It’s also important that you understand the costs associated with this type of surgery.

Unfortunately, since a breast lift is usually 100% cosmetic, the chances of your insurance provider covering it will be slim to none. Usually, breast lifts are anywhere between $8,000 and $11,000 depending on what your end goals are. During your consultation Dr. Khorsandi will discuss all of the different factors that affect the cost of your procedure. Once your individualized plan has been determined, you will discuss your estimate with our team of dedicated personnel. If you need to finance your surgery, just let our team know. We are more than happy to describe our financing process and get you started.

Post-Op Care & Breast Lift Recovery

After your surgery you will return home wearing a gauze filled sports bra. If you need any drains, Dr. Khorsandi will give you specific instructions. As a general rule of thumb you can expect to get them removed in 4-7 days. Make sure that you adhere to all of your instructions and get a bra that will aid in the shaping of your breasts during healing.

The main concern that patients have is the initial appearance of their breasts. They may look unusual, misshapen, swollen, or bruised. This is normal and will resolve itself over time. Don’t worry about this unless otherwise noted by your doctor. Most of the procedures will be done with absorbable sutures, but if you need to get them clipped you will be returning to the office in 1-2 weeks. During this time, avoid any strenuous activity and consider taking some PTO.

Until your incisions have healed (about 2-4 weeks) do not engage in any intense physical exertion. Every day you will get better and you’ll notice your scars fade and breasts returning back to their normal, but perkier, selves. During recovery, if you have any questions or worries, never hesitate to call us at our office.

These general post-op care instructions are here to help you anticipate recovery time and process, but you will receive a more detailed post-op plan from Dr. Khorsandi himself.

Dr. Khorsandi is a board certified specialist in breast lift (mastopexy) surgery. His passion and dedication to his patients is demonstrated through his testimonials and patient results. In addition to providing safe and high quality breast surgery, Dr. Khorsandi is continually researching and learning so that he can take his approach and surgeries to the next level. If you’re ready to get back the attractive, perky breasts of your youth, it’s time for a breast lift. Contact us at One Life today online or by calling us at (702) 608-1318. We’d love to discuss your breast surgery options and schedule a time for you to meet one of Las Vegas’ top plastic surgeons, Dr. Khorsandi.

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